This “the hustle is everything” culture is simply an optional add-on to the startup world, and one that I think turns some smart folks away. The folks who don’t want to sleep at their desks, or always be on, or work 100 hours a week, or sacrifice everything in the hope that a bet pays off. I think this also has the potential to put off people who actually have lives they care about outside of work (kids, partners, friends, etc).

Starting a company is like having an electric car. Sure, it can go super fucking fast, but it also needs to recharge. If you don’t charge it, it doesn’t go at all. Both things are useful (going fast is exhilarating, but charging is required). It feels like too many startups and even the media that covers them assume they are EVs with perpetual motion machines (note: these don’t actually exist and violate the first and second laws of thermodynamics!). The first concept to grasp about the theory of perpetual motion is that it’s theoretically impossible. Science is fun.